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Protect Your Travels With The Right Travel Insurance Policy

Do you love traveling and plan trips more often? One of the most important factors to consider while traveling is the right travel insurance policy. Whether you are planning a road trip or a vacation abroad, travel insurance offers protection against any uncertainty that might occur during your trip.

Our team at Solidify Insurance, offers comprehensive travel insurance in Burlington, ON, tailored to your specific travel needs, ensuring you have the right travel coverage no matter what you include in your travel plans. Contact us today and explore all your trips without any unexpected surprises.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance Provider In Burlington, ON

Solidify Insurance has years of expertise in the field and a solid reputation for providing dependable and reasonably priced travel insurance choices. The all-inclusive travel insurance options are intended to shield travelers from unforeseen circumstances and provide comfort while they travel.

One of the key reasons that Solidify Insurance stands out in the market is its extensive coverage options. A wide range of policies have been developed by our team of experts to meet the requirements of different kinds of tourists. We cover everything, from lost luggage to delayed stays to medical concerns and travel cancellations.

Trust Solidify Insurance with the best travel insurance in Burlington, ON, and travel with confidence and peace of mind.

Why should you buy a travel insurance policy?

Travel insurance is a crucial shield for any traveler, offering peace of mind and financial security in the face of unexpected events. From trip cancellations and medical emergencies to lost luggage and travel assistance, it provides a safety net to ensure your journey remains smooth and worry-free. Whether you’re exploring new destinations or revisiting familiar ones, having travel insurance is a wise choice to protect your investment and well-being.

There are several compelling reasons to consider purchasing a travel insurance policy before embarking on your journey:

Trip Cancellation or Interruption

Travel insurance serves as a financial safety net when unforeseen circumstances disrupt your travel plans. Whether it's a sudden illness, a family emergency, or any other unexpected event that forces you to cancel or cut short your trip, having travel insurance means you can recover the non-refundable expenses you've incurred, such as airline tickets, hotel reservations, and tour bookings. This coverage not only protects your investment but also ensures you don't bear the burden of unexpected costs.

Medical Emergencies

One of the most critical aspects of travel insurance is its coverage for medical emergencies. While traveling abroad, you may encounter illnesses, injuries, or accidents that require medical attention. Without travel insurance, the cost of medical care in foreign countries can be exorbitant. With travel insurance, you can receive necessary medical treatment, including hospitalization, doctor's visits, surgeries, and prescription medications, without the worry of staggering medical bills. It provides the peace of mind that you'll receive the care you need, regardless of where you are.

Lost or Delayed Baggage

The frustration of lost, stolen, or delayed luggage can quickly sour your travel experience. Travel insurance can step in to help cover the expenses of replacing essential items like clothing, toiletries, and personal belongings if your luggage goes missing or is delayed. This ensures that you can continue your journey comfortably and without the inconvenience of having to replace items at your own expense.

Trip Delays

Flight delays and disruptions are a common occurrence in travel. Travel insurance can alleviate the stress and financial burden of extended layovers or unexpected schedule changes. It can reimburse you for additional expenses incurred during the delay, such as accommodations, meals, and transportation. This means you can make the best of a less-than-ideal situation and continue your journey smoothly.

Emergency Evacuation

In the unfortunate event of a severe illness or injury that requires evacuation to a better-equipped medical facility or even repatriation to your home country, travel insurance can be a lifesaver. It covers the significant costs associated with emergency evacuations, ensuring you receive the necessary medical care in a timely manner, no matter where you are in the world.

Travel Assistance Services

Many travel insurance policies come with 24/7 assistance services that offer invaluable support during your travels. These services provide access to a network of professionals who can assist with a range of issues, from helping you locate a local medical provider to replacing lost travel documents. Travel assistance ensures that you're never alone in navigating unforeseen challenges abroad.

Traveling to High-Risk Areas

If your travel plans take you to regions known for higher safety or health risks, such as political instability or limited access to quality healthcare, travel insurance becomes even more essential. It provides a safety net in case of emergencies, ensuring that you're adequately protected and can receive the necessary support and care in challenging environments.

What are the different coverages under travel Insurance Policy?

Travel insurance policies typically offer a range of coverages to address various aspects of a traveler’s needs and potential risks. Here are the different coverages commonly included in travel insurance policies:

Trip Cancellation and Interruption

This coverage is crucial for reimbursing you if you have to cancel your trip before departure or cut it short due to unforeseen circumstances. Covered reasons typically include serious illness or injury to you, a traveling companion, or a family member, as well as unexpected events like natural disasters, jury duty, or work-related issues.

Medical Expenses

Travel insurance provides coverage for medical treatment required during your trip due to accidents or illnesses. This coverage ensures that you can receive necessary medical care abroad without worrying about high out-of-pocket expenses.

Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation

In cases of severe medical emergencies, travel insurance covers the cost of transporting you to the nearest suitable medical facility or, if needed, repatriating you back to your home country. This can be especially critical in remote or less-developed areas.

Travel Delay

When your travel plans are delayed due to reasons beyond your control, such as weather-related flight cancellations or missed connections, this coverage helps cover additional expenses such as accommodations, meals, and transportation until you can resume your journey.

Lost, Stolen, or Delayed Baggage

If your luggage is lost, stolen, or delayed by the airline, travel insurance can provide reimbursement for the value of your belongings and essential items you need to replace.

Travel Assistance Services

Many policies offer 24/7 assistance services, including access to a helpline that can provide help with a wide range of issues, such as locating medical facilities, arranging emergency transportation, and assisting with lost travel documents.

Personal Liability

This coverage protects you in case you accidentally injure someone or damage their property during your trip, helping to cover legal expenses and potential compensation claims.

Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR)

CFAR coverage offers more flexibility by allowing you to cancel your trip for any reason not covered by standard trip cancellation reasons. It provides a partial refund of your non-refundable trip expenses, typically around 50-75%, depending on the policy.

Adventure or Hazardous Activities Coverage

Travelers engaging in high-risk activities like scuba diving, skiing, or mountain climbing can add this coverage to protect themselves in case of injuries or accidents related to these activities.

Rental Car Coverage

This coverage can save you money on rental car insurance offered by car rental companies. It covers damage to or theft of rental vehicles during your trip.

Pre-Existing Medical Condition Coverage

Some policies offer coverage for pre-existing medical conditions if specific criteria are met, allowing travelers with pre-existing health conditions to have their medical needs addressed during their trip.

Natural Disaster Coverage

In the event of natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, or wildfires affecting your travel destination, this coverage can reimburse you for trip expenses or help you evacuate to safety.

Terrorism Coverage

This coverage provides protection in case of terrorist incidents at your travel destination, covering trip cancellations or interruptions resulting from such events.

Flight Accident Insurance

It offers a lump sum payment or benefits in case of accidental death or dismemberment that occurs during a flight. This is often optional coverage.

Why should you buy a Solidify Travel Insurance Policy?

Purchasing a Solidify Travel Insurance Policy offers several compelling reasons and advantages for travelers:

Comprehensive Coverage:

Solidify Travel Insurance Policies are designed to be comprehensive, offering a wide array of coverage options to address various aspects of your travel. Whether you need protection for your trip expenses, medical emergencies, or unforeseen events, these policies are designed to safeguard your financial interests.

Financial Security:

Travel can be an investment, and without insurance, unexpected disruptions can result in significant financial losses. Solidify Travel Insurance provides a safety net, ensuring that you can recoup non-refundable expenses like flights and accommodations in case you have to cancel your trip for covered reasons. It also covers unexpected expenses, such as medical bills or replacing lost belongings, helping you avoid burdensome out-of-pocket costs.

Peace of Mind:

Traveling can be stressful, especially when dealing with the uncertainty of unforeseen events. Having a Solidify Travel Insurance Policy brings peace of mind, knowing that you’re prepared for the unexpected. Whether it’s a sudden illness, a flight delay, or a lost passport, you can navigate these challenges with greater confidence, knowing you have insurance support.

Emergency Assistance:

Solidify Travel Insurance often includes 24/7 emergency assistance services. This means you have access to a dedicated support network that can assist you in emergencies, from finding suitable medical facilities to arranging emergency evacuations in remote or unfamiliar locations. Having this assistance at your fingertips can be invaluable when facing unexpected crises.

Trip Flexibility:

Some policies offer features like “Cancel for Any Reason” (CFAR) coverage, allowing you to cancel your trip for non-covered reasons. This flexibility is especially valuable if your plans are subject to change or if you have concerns about unforeseen circumstances affecting your trip.

Protection for Valuables:

While traveling, you may carry valuable items like smartphones, cameras, or expensive jewelry. Solidify Travel Insurance can provide protection against theft, loss, or damage to these valuable possessions, ensuring that you’re not left financially strained by such incidents.

Coverage Tailored to Your Needs:

One size does not fit all in travel insurance. Solidify Travel Insurance allows you to customize your policy based on your specific travel requirements. Whether you’re on a leisurely vacation, a business trip, or an adventure-filled journey, you can tailor your coverage to match your unique needs, ensuring you’re adequately protected without overpaying.

Safeguarding Your Health:

Health emergencies can happen anywhere, and medical care abroad can be expensive. Solidify Travel Insurance ensures that you receive proper medical attention and assistance, even in foreign countries where healthcare costs can be exorbitant. This coverage can be a lifesaver in critical situations.

Risk Mitigation:

Travel inherently carries certain risks, from flight delays to natural disasters. Solidify Travel Insurance helps mitigate these risks, allowing you to enjoy your trip with the confidence that you’re prepared for the unexpected. It’s a proactive step towards ensuring a smoother travel experience.

Legal and Liability Coverage:

In the unfortunate event of accidents or incidents resulting in legal liabilities while traveling, a Solidify Travel Insurance Policy can provide support and financial protection, helping you navigate legal challenges and potential expenses.

Inclusion And Exclusions Of Solidify Travel Insurance


Covered Events



Trip Cancellation and Interruption

Reimburses non-refundable trip expenses due to covered reasons, such as illness, injury, or unforeseen events, leading to trip cancellation or interruption.


Medical Expenses

Covers medical treatment, hospitalization, and related expenses for accidents or illnesses occurring during the trip, including doctor visits and prescription medications.


Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation

Provides funds for emergency medical evacuation to a suitable facility and, if needed, repatriation to your home country for further treatment.


Travel Delay

Reimburses additional expenses incurred due to unexpected travel delays, such as accommodations, meals, and transportation.


Lost, Stolen, or Delayed Baggage

Covers expenses for replacing essential items and addressing losses related to lost, stolen, or delayed luggage.


Travel Assistance Services

Includes 24/7 assistance services for emergencies, medical referrals, legal guidance, and assistance with lost travel documents.


Personal Liability

Protects against financial liability for accidental injury or property damage to others during the trip, covering legal expenses and compensation claims.


Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Often excludes coverage for pre-existing medical conditions unless specified or covered by a separate rider.


High-Risk Activities

May not cover hazardous activities or require additional premiums for coverage related to extreme sports or adventure activities.


Illegal or Reckless Activities

Incidents resulting from illegal or reckless behavior, including drug or alcohol-related issues, are typically excluded.


War or Terrorism

Acts of war or terrorism may be excluded, though some policies offer limited coverage for these events.


Travel Advisories

Travel to destinations with government-issued travel advisories may limit or void certain coverages within the policy.


Non-Disclosed Information

Failing to accurately disclose relevant information when purchasing the policy, such as pre-existing conditions or high-risk travel plans, can lead to denied claims.


Losses Due to Negligence

Losses resulting from your negligence, like leaving belongings unattended, may not be covered by the policy.


Routine Medical Care

Standard medical check-ups or treatments unrelated to an emergency or trip-related illness may be excluded.


Financial Default of Travel Providers

Bankruptcy or default of travel providers (e.g., airlines, tour operators) may not be covered unless a specific “Supplier Default” or “Financial Insolvency” coverage is present.


Who Can Buy Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is typically available for a wide range of individuals who are planning trips, whether for leisure, business, or other purposes. Here are the categories of people who can buy travel insurance:

Individual Travelers:

Individual travelers, whether they are planning a leisure trip, a business journey, or any other type of personal travel, can purchase travel insurance to protect themselves during their trip. This coverage offers financial security and peace of mind, ensuring that unexpected events don’t derail their travel plans.


Travel insurance providers often offer policies that cover families under a single plan. This is particularly beneficial for family vacations, as it simplifies the process and may provide cost savings compared to purchasing individual policies for each family member. Family policies typically include parents and their dependent children.

Business Travelers:

Business travelers frequently purchase travel insurance to safeguard themselves and their employers from travel-related issues. These policies may include coverage for trip cancellations, trip interruptions, lost luggage, and emergency medical assistance, all of which can affect work-related travel plans.

Senior Travelers:

Travel insurance providers recognize that older travelers may have specific needs and concerns. Policies for senior travelers often take into account factors like age-related health considerations and travel preferences, providing appropriate coverage and peace of mind for mature adventurers.


Students embarking on study programs, internships, or vacations abroad can benefit from travel insurance that ensures they have access to medical care, emergency assistance, and coverage for unexpected incidents while away from home. These policies are tailored to the unique needs of students.

Tourists and Vacationers:

Tourists and vacationers exploring new destinations or seeking relaxation during their holidays can purchase travel insurance to enhance their travel experience. Coverage can include trip protection, medical coverage, and assistance services, allowing travelers to focus on enjoying their vacation.

Expatriates and Foreign Workers:

Individuals living and working in foreign countries can choose expatriate or international health insurance policies. These long-term insurance options provide coverage while residing abroad, ensuring access to medical care and other essential services.

Frequent Travelers:

Those who travel frequently, whether for business or leisure, can opt for annual or multi-trip insurance policies. These policies cover multiple journeys throughout the year, offering cost-effective and convenient coverage for individuals with a busy travel schedule.

Backpackers and Adventure Seekers:

Travelers embarking on backpacking trips or engaging in adventurous activities can find specialized travel insurance policies designed to address the unique risks associated with such journeys. These policies often include coverage for activities like hiking, scuba diving, or extreme sports.

Cruise Passengers:

Cruise travelers can benefit from specialized cruise insurance policies. These policies cover cruise-specific risks such as trip interruptions, missed port stops, and medical care on board, ensuring a worry-free cruise experience.

Event Attendees:

Travelers attending special events like festivals, concerts, or sports competitions can purchase event-specific insurance. This type of coverage protects against event-related issues such as cancellations, disruptions, or accidents tied to the event, ensuring an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

How to File a Travel Insurance Claim?

Filing a travel insurance claim is a process that requires careful attention to detail and adherence to the insurance provider’s specific procedures. Here are the general steps to follow when filing a travel insurance claim:

Review Your Policy:

Before you begin, thoroughly review your travel insurance policy document to understand what is covered, the terms and conditions, and any requirements for making a claim. Pay attention to coverage limits, deductibles, and the types of events that are eligible for claims.

Report the Incident:

In the event of an incident that may lead to a claim, such as an illness, injury, trip cancellation, or lost/stolen property, report it to the relevant authorities immediately. For medical incidents, seek medical attention and obtain necessary documentation, including medical reports, bills, and receipts.

Notify Your Insurance Provider:

Contact your travel insurance provider as soon as possible to initiate the claims process. Many insurance companies have a 24/7 helpline for assistance. Provide them with the following information:

  1. Your policy number
  2. Your contact information
  3. A description of the incident and its date
  4. Any relevant incident or police report numbers
  5. Details of any medical treatment received


Complete Claim Forms:

Your insurance provider will send you the necessary claim forms. Fill out these forms accurately and completely, providing all required information and supporting documentation. Be sure to follow any specific instructions provided by the insurer.

Gather Supporting Documents:

Depending on the nature of your claim, you may need to gather various supporting documents, such as:

  1. Medical bills, reports, and receipts (for medical claims)
  2. Proof of trip expenses (for trip cancellation or interruption claims)
  3. Proof of ownership and value for lost or stolen items (for property claims)
  4. Police reports (for theft or criminal incidents)
  5. Any other relevant documentation specified by your insurer
  6. Submit Your Claim: Send your completed claim forms and all supporting documentation to your insurance provider. This can typically be done electronically or by mail, depending on your insurer’s instructions. Make sure to keep copies of all documents for your records.


Cooperate with the Claims Adjuster:

Your insurance provider may assign a claims adjuster to your case. Be prepared to cooperate fully with their inquiries and requests for additional information or documentation. Timely responses and cooperation can expedite the claims process.

Wait for the Claims Decision:

Your insurance provider will review your claim and assess whether it falls within the policy’s coverage. They will notify you of their decision, which may involve approving, denying, or requesting further information regarding your claim.

Receive Payment:

If your claim is approved, the insurance provider will issue payment according to the terms of your policy. Payment may be made directly to you or to service providers, depending on the nature of the claim.

Appeal if Necessary:

If your claim is denied, review the denial letter and your policy carefully to understand the reason for denial. If you believe the denial is unjust, you may have the option to appeal the decision with your insurer.

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Frequently Askеd Quеstions (FAQs)

Are there any different types of travel insurance?
Yes, there are different types of travel insurance. Some common types include single trip, multi-trip and comprehensive coverage.
Yes, you can purchase travel insurance for a specific destination or region. This can be beneficial if you are traveling to a high risk area or engaging in certain activities.
Before granting a visa, several nations might want to see proof of travel insurance. Prior to departing, it’s a good idea to find out the admission requirements of your destination.
The majority of travel insurance policies demand that you get coverage prior to the start of your journey. But, once you leave, some carriers could let you buy coverage for a segment of your trip.
Sure, some travel insurance policies cover both personal and professional travel. Make sure your unique demands are addressed in the insurance specifics.

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