Ethical (Halal) Insurance

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We are pleased to announce that Solidify Insurance is one of the FIRST brokerages to represent and offer Canadians with Halal, Ethical Insurance products for small businesses!

At Solidify insurance we have made it our mission to seek out the best and newest insurance options available in the Canadian Marketplace. We understand how hard business owners work in building and operating their businesses in Ontario. So, insuring your commercial business and offering the best and insurance available is our mission. 

The Ethical (Halal) insurance product we offer is exclusive to customers who are looking for a Ethical Halal Insurance solution for their insurance needs.

Working with our team, customers will be able to exclusively benefit from purchasing Shariah Compliant Insurance solutions. 

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Ethical Halal Insurance Options

We currently offer Ethical Halal Insurance coverage for:


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What is Shariah Insurance?

Shariah Compliant Insurance, also known as Ethical Insurance, is a form of insurance that operates in accordance with Islamic principles and values. It aligns with socially conscious and ethical standards, avoiding involvement in industries such as alcohol, weapons, certain food products, or gambling.

The purpose of Shariah Ethical Insurance is to provide insurance coverage and services that adhere to ethical and socially responsible principles outlined in Islamic teachings to Canadians. This includes prioritizing social responsibility, fair business practices, ethical sourcing, and community involvement.

Ethical Insurance, also known as Shariah Compliant Insurance, operates by prioritizing social responsibility, fair business practices, and ethical sourcing. Premium funds are sourced ethically, avoiding industries not aligned with Islamic principles. Claims handling is fair and efficient, with an emphasis on assisting policyholders in times of need. The Shariah Supervisory Board ensures that products meet Islamic teachings and principles with full transparency. The insurance company prioritizes integrity in all dealings, offering transparent transactions and fair policies that align with Islamic values.

Yes, this product is monitored and certified by the Alhuda Shariah Advisory Services Limited. Please contact us for further details.

A portion of the insurance portfolio proceeds supports social causes aligned with Islamic values, allowing your premiums to contribute to the greater good.

Certified Halal Insurance