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Moving to a New Home? A Checklist for Updating Home Insurance

Moving into a new home can be pretty exciting. Packing things, buying new essentials, deciding on interiors, thinking about decorating a separate little room for your cat or dog – are some of the key factors that let you keep up with the boost. However, can you really sideline the home insurance policy you own? Well, Home Insurance in Burlington protects your property and your belongings. There is no legal requirement for you to have it, but aiding yourself from natural disasters or risks like fire, storms, flooding etc. makes good sense.

While moving into a new home can be a happy but challenging task, upgrading your home insurance policy can save you from hassles of any accidents or incidents that can take place while shifting. Let’s delve into the checklist for upgrading your home insurance in Burlington, thus making it possible to protect you and your belongings throughout the shifting process.

Checkpoint 1 – Updating Personal Information

When you move into a new home, or prior to moving, it is crucial to notify your insurance provider about the change in address. This step is vital as your coverage needs may vary according to the location of your new home. By addressing your insurance provider, you can make sure that your policy accurately signifies your needs & preferences conferring to your current situation.

Note – Consider the factors such as natural disaster risks, or proximity to emergency services when updating your address with the insurer.

Checkpoint 2 – Adding Or Removing The Name Insured

Another important thing to remember when getting your home insurance policy updated is to check the name of the beholder on the insurance policy & if you want to change it. If there are any changes you would like to go ahead with, it would be beneficial to get the name updated before moving into your new home.

Note – Consider if any new family members or roommates need to be included in the policy to ensure protection for all.

Checkpoint 3 – Verifying Contact Information For Communication

Surrounded with the excitement of moving into a new home can sometimes make you forget about certain details that might need immediate attention. Well, one of the factors for which the statement stands true is the registration of the contact number with your insurance policy provider. Updation of contact details is an essential factor for communication and timely assistance in times of claims.

Note – Consider setting up an online account access or mobile authentication number for convenient updates and alerts from your insurer.

Checkpoint 4 – Comparison Shopping With Multiple Insurers

Home insurance Policies are designed to protect one’s home but that protection entails some limits. Premiums may change based on various factors. Before shifting to your new home, instead of directly upgrading your insurance policy, you should consider comparing rates and coverage options from different insurance providers.

Note – Consider inquiring about bundling options and loyalty programs along with special packages while mounting for a new insurance provider.

Checkpoint 5 – Documenting Changes And Communicating With Insurer.

While you are in liaison with the insurer conferring on the updation process of your policy, it is always advisable to submit all the required documents with regards to the name on the policy, the address proof, the list of coverage items included, etc. By doing this, you can protect your high risk items whilst at and away from your home.

Note – Consider keeping records of all your correspondences with the insurer to avoid any future discrepancies.

Prepare Yourself For A Revolutionizing Moving Experience

Congratulations. It’s time to breathe a big sigh of relief!! By catering to all the checkpoints mentioned above, you can now rest easy knowing your home is protected. You can have a peace of mind that your coverage now aligns with your current circumstances. Keeping your home well-maintained and having a protection plan can go a long way towards helping your house become a safe and comfortable home, for many years to come.

Solidify insurance is your trusted home insurance company in Burlington, here to protect your home, your personal belongings and loved ones by providing you with the best home insurance policy. If you are a new homeowner or moving for the tenth time, with a little planning and the right help, you can ease the process for yourself and everyone else involved. Contact us at Solidify Insurance and let us take care of your home while you plan to decorate your space efficiently.


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